Evergreen In-Home Care Testimonials

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What our clients have to say about us.

“We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care your team provided to our mother in her home. Thanks to all of the amazing caregivers, who treated her with respect and love. Thanks also to your Staffing Coordinator for working her magic by staffing our mother with the best caregivers! And, thank you Nancy for your kindness, compassion and expertise! Your entire staff is wonderful, we can’t speak highly enough of everyone!”
The H. Family
“I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful care given by your caregivers. Each person was exceptional in their own right and very attentive to my wife’s needs. You can take great pride in Evergreen, needless to say, if we have needs like this in the future, we shall call upon you.”
Stan P
“I want to thank you for all of your kindness and support during your care for my father. The people who are employed by your company were all amazing. Please extend my gratitude to each and everyone of them.”
Becky E


“Thank you for the wonderful support that Evergreen has given us. You have a wonderful team of people that work for you. We are so thankful that we can rely on people like the ones from Evergreen when called upon.”
Josh H
“I am thrilled with the girls you have sent and with Evergreen. I just couldn’t be more pleased with the decision we made that day to use Evergreen for services. I don’t dish out praise often, just not my style, but you guys have made everything I could have expected and more!”
Terry B


“I so appreciate all the help that you and your staff have given us. You made a world of difference for my Dad and Mom and all of us during these past few months. Thank you. Thank you.”
David D


“Thank you all for your combined efforts to make our family as whole as possible for as long as possible. Your deeds will never be forgotten.”
Phil W, Redmond, Oregon


“I want to thank you so very, very much for all your help with my mother. Your loving, attentive help has been invaluable to me. Your staff are so tender and loving and have such tremendous life experiences from which to draw. You are my inspiration from which I will look to throughout the rest of what life has ahead. I will certainly be out in the community to recommend your services. Again, thank you from the depths of my heart.”
Carol O, Bend, Oregon


“If I had the power, every person at Evergreen would wear a halo today.”
Charlotte M, Bend, Oregon


“Thank you for all you did for our Dad. His final days were made more comfortable and peaceful thanks to all of you. Your love and compassion meant so much to him and us as a family. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you!”
The W. Family, Redmond, Oregon
“Without you and your extraordinary staff, it would have been impossible for me to continue to care for my mother by myself.”
Sandra P, Sunriver, Oregon


“We will always be grateful for your staff’s compassion, wisdom and loving hearts. Dad’s last few days were touched by very special people.”
Richard B, Madras, Oregon


“Please accept my congratulations on a very well run agency that tries hard to meet its commitments and hires excellent caregiving staff. From the intake, I was entirely pleased. The staff were simply wonderful. Their professionalism and compassionate care warmed my heart. I especially liked the way they allowed Mary to retain her dignity and as much independence as she could muster. I think over the years you have assembled and trained a fine group of people who take pride and joy in the good work they do. It isn’t easy, but they do it well and are to be commended.”
Kathy M


“My wife, Andrea, became afflicted by early-onset dementia at the age of 61. Her symptoms became acute by early 2011, and after considerable research and a number of telephone interviews I conducted by phone of several in-home care companies in Bend, I selected Evergreen In-Home Care.

There were several reasons for my selecting Evergreen. The first was the very obvious experience of Nancy Webre, the President of Evergreen, expressed in her in-depth candor and knowledge answers to my many questions. The second was that Evergreen works hard to hire, train, and retain caregivers with the right combination of experience, personality, and commitment; the result is that their caregiver turnover ratio is the lowest among local firms. The third reason was that Evergreen has been around for 30 years or so, and is a local company run by its Founder; it is not a franchise operation, as are virtually all the other alternatives available locally. That fact meant to me that Nancy viewed this as her life’s work, not as a means to make a buck. I was sold on Evergreen and never looked back.

Andrea had three primary caregivers over the 27 months we provided care for her in the home. As Andrea’s disease progressed, her caregiving needs changed, and Nancy was not only responsive to those changing needs, but in each case selected a caregiver that met Andrea’s need perfectly. I simply cannot express my gratitude adequately for the gentle, loving, reliable care provided by those caregivers. As I was still working full time, I simply could not have made it through the last several years without their help.

Which brings me to an additional, very important point of praise…and that is Nancy Webre herself. As anyone impacted by a spouse’s dementia or Alzheimer’s can attest, it is a journey that one finds himself totally unprepared to deal with. As one’s beloved loses their abilities, living skills, and as their personality and moods change, and as they encounter despair, grief, anger, and frustration with what is happening to them, the spouse not only undergoes these same feelings, but must also cope with those feelings every day in their spouse. It is a living hell for the spouse (to say nothing of its impact on the afflicted).

Nancy proved to be a lifeline to sanity for me. She provided me with assurances that what we were experiencing was normative, based on her many years of experience in providing care to those afflicted with dementia. She assured me that I was doing all that could be done and that I was doing a good job as Andrea’s primary caregiver. She helped me understand what was coming next, and helped me put the relentless progressive of Andrea’s disease into some kind of context. All that helped me retain some perspective on what the disease was doing to Andrea, and what it was doing to me. She helped me understand that Andrea was helpless and that her actions were not of her own making, but simply a function of her disease state at that time. Nancy, most of all, helped me be a better caregiver for my beloved Andrea, and together, as a team, we did the best job possible in caring for Andrea in our home.

I am grateful beyond words for Nancy Webre and for Evergreen; they, along with those wonderful caregivers, helped me get through this awful nightmare alive. I can recommend them without reservation to anyone facing a similar challenge with a loved one. “

Mike O, Bend, Oregon


Please let us know if you would like to speak directly with a client and/or family member who has used our services. We are happy to provide references upon request.