Medication Management

Under the supervision of our Registered Nurse, Evergreen provides Medication Management which is closely coordinated with physicians, pharmacists, Home Health, Hospice, and family to ensure client compliance. Our Medication Management Service is appropriate if your loved one does not know what medication they are taking, why or when they are supposed to take it. Services can range from a little assistance, such as reminders, to full medication administration. The level of assistance needed will be determined during our initial intake assessment.

State of Oregon Rules strictly regulate how medications are managed by in-home care agencies. Evergreen’s Registered Nurse must be closely involved with all of our Medication Services. This service includes Registered Nurse oversight and coordination with physicians, Home Health, Hospice and family to ensure all medications are given appropriately. Caregivers are closely supervised to make sure medications are administered correctly. Caregivers also receive on-going training to recognize and report signs and symptoms of drug side effects and interactions specific to each client’s medications.

There are different levels of assistance with medications that clients can receive, such as:

  • Medication reminders
  • Medication assistance (if client is able to self-direct medication administration but requires assistance of a caregiver)
  • Medication management (putting medications in a weekly medi-set containers)
  • Medication administration (if client is not able to self-direct medication administration, caregiver is required to administer medications to the client)