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Don’t be afraid to ask in-home care questions.

We understand that arranging for in-home care is probably uncharted territory for you. So naturally, you’ll have lots of questions. These are a few of the most commonly asked questions you should consider asking in-home care providers:

In-home care includes a broad range of health care and assisted living support services provided in the comfort of a person’s home. In-home care isn’t just for those who are chronically or terminally ill. A disability, or accident and illness recovery, may require in-home care services where a person can stay at home and receive professional care.
Evergreen In-Home Care Services conducts an initial in-home evaluation for potential clients. From there, our administrative staff provides a full assessment and develops a Client Service Plan to determine which of our services are appropriate for your specific needs.
While most providers have a three or four hour minimum fee, we require only a two-hour minimum. In some situations we can be flexible and lower the minimum even more to accommodate the specific needs of the client.
Evergreen does not charge an additional fee for nights and weekends. We charge time-and-a-half for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Evergreen is licensed by the Oregon Health Authority & Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement. In accordance with this annual licensure, we are required to comply with Oregon Administrative Rules that are specific to in-home care agencies. Evergreen is licensed as a Level Four Comprehensive agency.
Evergreen hires only the highest quality of staff. All employees are extensively interviewed and screened prior to hire, and we are required by law to perform state and national criminal background checks on all potential employees. Past work history and references are thoroughly checked with previous employers and supervisors. Random drug and alcohol testing is performed on all employees. We set and maintain high standards and expect the same of our employees to ensure the finest and most consistent home care services.
Yes. All employees are bonded and fully insured by Worker’s Compensation insurance and professional liability insurance.
Extremely important. Having your blood pressure taken each day or sharing your concerns about aging is much easier when you’re with a friendly, familiar face, instead of a total stranger. More importantly, a consistent caregiver can recognize changes in your health or behavior almost immediately and adapt to them quickly. Of course, providing a consistent caregiver is much easier for us because most of our staff have been with us for over ten years. Some as long as 20 years.
Evergreen values and respects the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. All personal facts and circumstances obtained about our clients are treated as privileged communication. Information is held confidential and is not divulged without prior written consent of the client, his or her attorney, or responsible guardian.
Costs for in-home care services are often determined by the level of care and the amount of hours required. In-home care agencies typically charge by the hour. Evergreen’s services range from $21 to $28 per hour depending upon the level of care required. Higher levels of care, such as catheter care, tube feedings and transfers require more RN oversight and highly skilled caregivers, therefore costing more per hour. Registered Nurse (RN) services and Eldercare consultations cost $60 per hour. The level of care required is determined at our initial intake and assessment.


In-Home Care Questionnaire

At Evergreen, we understand choosing the right in-home care agency can be baffling. This questionnaire addresses some of the important questions to ask. We hope the answers will help you to make an informed, confident decision.

Download the Evergreen In-Home Care Questionnaire to help you make informed decisions